Foster a community
To learn new tech

OpenTask is a free and open source project created by Flavio Silva on top of the new Next.js App Router (v13.4+) and the unique features it brings together (React Server Components, Server Actions, Streaming Server Rendering, and more).

OpenTask is a fully functional and responsive PWA.

You can experiment with it as much as you like. However, please note that it is not designed to be your primary task management app as it has no business purpose, and there are no plans to develop one.

The goal is to foster a community around the project by making it free and open source, where developers can help evolve the project through contributions for new features and bug fixes and, most importantly, share ideas, establish best practices, and discuss the future of React, Next.js, and related tools.

The source code is hosted on GitHub. For bug reports, please open an issue. Start a discussion to share ideas with the community, ask questions, and new features.

Let's make this an opportunity to learn, evolve, and give back.

Flavio Silva,
August 2023